Bachelor of Computer Information System (BCIS) is a four-year program of Pokhara University which is a unique blend of Information Technology and Business Management. It is the integration that responds to the emerging needs of the current world by equipping students with knowledge and skills analyzing, designing, developing and maintaining the systems of the business houses. The course is of 124 credit hours.

This program centers around courses in database design and management, computer coding languages, marketing, accounting, electronic commerce, computer software, network administration, and resource management. Students learn to encode, organize, analyze and utilize computer systems and digital databases to solve problems and provide support for a variety of business needs.

Though the fact cannot be denied that, for students who later decide to jump into the core IT industry has to work extra to be equally competent as students from other IT degrees. To cushion the hard work of the students, Medhavi has Non-Credit Courses for every semester where students will get to get extra IT knowledge more than what the course offers and what the IT industry actually demands.