The Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) program at the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) of Pokhara University is designed to produce Professional to handle any hospitality industry. The BHM is a four year program spread over eight semesters. A student needs to successfully complete 126 credit hours of course work, project work and internship for graduation. The program provides students to be successful hoteliers and managers who are well equipped with both conceptual foundation and practical trainings to handle any kinds of work, maintaining various relationships with clients.

Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM) is one of the most sought and desired degrees by the students all around the world. This course provides training and skill developments to meet the needs of people seeking employment in management positions in the Hotel Industry. The successful completion of Bachelor in Hotel Management provides rewarding academic Hotel career ahead. The curriculum for BHM is structured to produce a Hotel Professional, after the successful completion of the course. The objective of the program is to produce managerial manpower for the hospitality industry with particular strength in Food and Beverage, Rooms Division and Marketing.

The program prepares the students to enter the hotels at the management trainee level or at any other management entry level position and makes their way up in a few years’ time. The career progression takes the graduates to the departmental manager’s position of a large international standard hotel in 10 years’ time after graduation and to the hotel manager’s position in 15 years’ time. Alternatively, the graduates may join fast food chains, or open their own restaurants and resort business. A few of the graduates from this college have been already engaging in such pursuits. The program at the moment is 126 credit hours to be covered in four years. Specialization courses enable the students to specially spruce themselves in a particular department of the hotel for which they feel they have special aptitude for. The choices available to the students are in the areas of rooms’ division management, culinary management, food and beverage Management, and Hotel Design.