Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) is designed to give a broad knowledge of the functional areas of an organization,and their …

  • BHM

    Bachelor of Hotel Management

  • BCIS(IT)

    Bachelor of Computer Information System (BCIS) is a four-year program of Pokhara University which is a unique blend of Information …

Welcome To Medhavi College

A warm welcome to you at Medhavi College. We, here at Medhavi, nurture our students to learn, transform & lead in order to successfully cope with all the challenges and convert them into opportunities.




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Enlightening Life

One of Medhavi’s great strengths lies in the partnership between the University and the College. This combination provides superb facilities, contact with the very best minds and personal supervision and support to help develop your academic interests. We also provide many opportunities to engage socially in activities such as sports, visits, cultural events, presentations and voluntary work – as well as to develop knowledge and transfer skills to prepare you for your future. We are confident that the education we provide is truly accessible to all with the academic ability and potential to succeed here. There is no pretty need of ‘right background’ for Medhavi – no right school to have attended, no hidden tests of social and economic circumstances. Quite simply, if you have the ability, the enthusiasm and the motivation to study here, get enrolled at Medhavi and be a globally successful citizen, we are eager to welcome you.

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Why Choose Us

Medhavi College is a center for learning that aims to set a new benchmark in higher education. It has a commitment to integrated learning and bolstering the confidence of the graduates to take on the real world of Business, IT and Hospitality challenges.

Best Culture

Our emphasis is to teach students the values that every professional leader and entrepreneur should embrace in life.

Best Faculties

Medhavi has assembled a team of experienced, motivating full-time and part- time faculty members who can deliver quality.


It has a treasure of reference books, textbooks including international and national journals and newspaper. E-library, Wi-Fi facilities along with …


We offer highly respected degrees that is accepted by over 1000000 colleges from all around the world.

Our Students Success Stories

Below is what our students have to say about us.