Students are provided internships to many reputed organizaion as per their programs so that they can develop their career as per their wishes and based on their program they chose in our college.


BBA program in Medhavi College provides interships for the students in the reputed banks, corporate house, hydro companies and many more other financial institutes. Some organizations that provide interships to the students are MBL, SCBL, CZBil, Mega Bank, Global IME Bank, NBL, NRB.


BHM program in Medhavi College provides interships in national and international hotels for the students in countries like Japan, Thailand, China, Dubai & Malayasia. National hotels and resorts like Dwarika Hotel, Radisson Hotel, Hotel Marriott, Gokarna Forest Resort, Crowne Plaza hotel and many mores provide interships programs to our students.


BCIS program provides internships in many IT companies with paid interns and non-paid interns. Major IT companies like Dearwalk, BrainDigit IT Solution, Sprout Technology etc provide intershiips programs for our students for their career development.

Guest Lecture

At Medhavi, emphasis is given not only making you academically brilliant, but preparing you for the real life corporate world. This is done by bringing speakers from industries and top institutions with proven expertise to provide valuable information to our students.

Guest lecture is a way of enriching our students with latest updates of the industry. Medhavi offers the scheduled guest lecture sessions every Sunday by the renowned bankers, professors, Hoteliers, managers from the corporate world to share the real world to share the real working scenario of the professional life. Guest lectures provided by experts last 2 hours on duration. Guest lecturers also provide the qualitative analysis about the career planning to the students.

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