It has a treasure of reference books, textbooks including international and national journals and newspaper. E-library, Wi-Fi facilities along with the equipped IT labs .


Experience and exposure are two fundamental assets that a student can gain apart from formal education from an institution that aims to provide value-added degrees. Though industrial visits appear as a salient feature in the profile of most of the institutions,we want to take the concept to a whole new level. Our primary focus is to equip our students with the kind of expertise that will count towards their success at workplace and in their personal domain. We have a close association with a range of national and multinational companies and we take our students on periodic visits to ensure that they receive first-hand experience of the issues concerning their future careers.


Exposure is an asset to students pursuing their business studies as it provides students with the first-hand knowledge about how challanges are handled and problems mitigated and opportunities best utilized. We take students on education tours both inside the country and outside to enrich their academic knowledge.It is important that students learn, experience and see for themselves the inroads of business and leadership because we want them to be ready to take on the real business world upon their graduation from Medhavi. Medhavibelieves the cornerstone of a successful business education and the subsequent successful careers of students is three ‘Es’,i.e.,Education, Experience and Exposure.


MedaviCollege provides comprehensive information services to meet academic and research needs of students and faculties. It has a treasure of textbooks and reference books including international and national journals and newspapers. E-library is another feature with Wi-Fi facilities round the clock. Besides, AIV resources for students, faculty and employees are also available.

IT Labs

Medhavi College has well-equipped IT labs with ample computers and printers. Students can print and make Xerox copies as and when needed.All the computers are connected to the Internet so that students can perform self-research and remain in tune with all the global updates and practices.


The cafeteria at Medhavi serves different varieties of food at subsidized rates.We understand that intellectual learning demands rigorous mental exercise over unlimited time hours.To address that, we have ensured fully hygienic canteen facilities with professional staff who serve students,college staff and visiting guests with standard food items for breakfast, snacks and main courses. Varieties of local as well as continental items are served at the canteen at reasonable costs.