Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM)

Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) is one of the four-year programs of Pokhara University which is one of the most sought and desired degrees by students all around the world. This course provides training and skills to meet the needs of people seeking a career in various positions in the Hospitality Industry. The successful completion of BHM assures students to be global and skilled human resources.

Practical session in BHM is one of the milestones for students to gain real knowledge. Practicals on housekeeping, Food Production & Service are the major areas along with Barista are non-credit.

Admission Procedure
The entry requirement for the new students in the BHM program is Higher Secondary Level (10=) or A level, or IB or equivalent as recognized by Pokhara University.

Evaluation and Grading System
The college follows the Evaluation system developed by the university. In which the 50% weight is allocated for internal assessment & rest for the University end-semester examination. The internal assessment incorporates attendance, classroom participation, individual and group presentation, case studies, assignments, internal examinations & Labs Performances.

The students are required to pass both the internal & external evaluations independently. The final grade is awarded on the basis of students’ consolidated performance. Pokhara University follows a Four-Point Grade System.

First Semester
Second Semester
Third Semester
Fourth Semester
Fifth Semester
Sixth Semester
Seventh Semester
Eighth Semester