Hi-Tech Classrooms

Medhavi has well equipped hi-tech classes including audio-visual, telecommunications, and information technology tools together. Teaching and learning in advanced and new ways are possible at Medhavi with the presence of Hi-tech Classrooms.


Computer and BHM labs are well managed at Medhavi. Focusing on the utter need of BBA, BCIS and BHM labs are well laid out for the comfort of learning with plenty of equipment installed in them. Precisely saying BCIS and BHM computer lab contains high speculations and proper internet connections. BHM labs; kitchen, restaurant, and bar are well equipped with facilities for students’ practicals.


Medhavi provides comprehensive services to meet the academic and research needs of students and 

 Facilities. It has a treasure of textbooks and reference books including national and international journals and newspapers. E-library is another feature with Wifi facilities round the clock.


An auditorium hall is another common venue in the college. This is used for the following purposes like Guest lectures, a celebration of certain functions and days of national and international importance, holding co-curricular activities, workshops, and seminars.


The cafeteria at Medhavi serves different varieties of food at subsidized rates. We understand that intellectual learning demands rigorous mental exercise over unlimited time. To address that, we have ensured fully hygienic canteen facilities with professional staff who serve students, college staff and visiting guests with standard food items like breakfast, snacks, and main course.

Sports Area 

The sports area is located at the central part of medhavi where students can involve themselves in games like basketball, badminton, table tennis, etc.

Practical Kitchen and Restaurant

Besides the above, Housekeeping demo room, Practical Kitchen with well-equipped tools and with all the facilities of cooking is another feature at college focusing on BHM students. Of course, students from another group can also be a part of it as an amateur (non-credit learners) in teaching-learning activities.

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