Medhavi Benchmarks

Medhavi Benchmarks

Job Placement and Internship
Job placements and internships provides students the opportunities to develop relevant skills and knowledge with firsthand experience of life in a real working environment. Our students are involved in different Banks, IT companies, Corporate Houses and Hotels home and abroad for their Internships and Job Placements.

National and International Relations
Medhavi has tie-up with various national and international organizations; International Hotels, Foreign Universities, corporate Houses and IT companies. These tie-ups can assist students for further studies, internships and placements. We have already established relationship with Victoria University, BOND University Australia, TOWSON University USA and recently done MOU with Gurugram University India to name just a few.

Language Courses
Language teaching and learning has a long tradition at Medhavi and we provide language learning opportunities across the Semesters. Our interactive classes cover a wide range of topics and situational skills giving students a sound basis for further studies. Some of the language taught are English, Japanese, French, Chinese, etc.

Mixology is an Art of blending different alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. This offers students with opportunities to train in all disciplines of professional bartending with some of the most comprehensive bar and cocktail training programs available in the world.

Barista Training
Medhavi facilitates Barista Training for students who want to either start their own coffee business, use training for job or who are passionate about learning the art of Making Coffee.

Medhavi facilitates leadership oriented seminars for developing students’ potentialities through leadership skills training in area like: team building, strategic planning, decision making and more. These can be enhanced through guest lectures, seminars, various programs and events in which students take the initatives.

Employment Skills
Employment skills assist students to get a job, sustain in the job as well as to the top. Medhavi facilitates with providing these skills support to start their career in the right field.

Personality Development
Medhavi induces intriguing factor for one’s success in life through personality development. Success in all endeavors is considered to be the hall mark of achievers. They are provided the exposure for interview skills, interpersonal skills, general etiquette, leadership skills and so on.

Career Planning Counselling
Choosing a career may be one of the most important decisions for the students when they make as it likely to have a major influence in their lifestyle. At Medhavi, we provide a number of services that can assist them in the career making process.

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